Speaking at Startup Weekend 2018 Part of a group photo with my startup team, AfterPass Practising flight in Brussels, Belgium

Hej! Kia ora. Glad you're here.

As you'll notice, my homepage is very simple. It's that way deliberately.

For professional things, find me on LinkedIn at /in/jamesvanderklip

I work at Cryptopia, a fast, secure, and customer-focused cryptocurrency exchange. Sign up here.

You can find me under the handle @JamesScaur on Peepeth (microblogging), Github (code), and Twitter (mirrored from Peepeth).

Since 2017 I am quite inactive on social media. Most posts I have are automated with Buffer. However, I do enjoy going on LinkedIn to learn from people smarter than me.

I am curious and have an affinity for the unconventional. I like doing things outside my comfort zone. I practise the Wim Hof Method. I'm an avid fan of Tim Ferriss and many of his friends. I try to meditate on my death every day, so I can live with energy, gratitude, and meaning.

My mission is to enable people to increase their relative income. My moonshot is to create an AI-based tool that enables people to make less accidentally harmful choices.

Above all, I want to be useful to others, and live the greatest life I can, as efficently as possible.

If any of this sounds like you and you'd like to meet, flick me a connection on LinkedIn, or send a email to 'hej' at this domain.

Memento Mori - remember your death.

Cheers for visiting. Go out and get it!
- James

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