Speaking at Startup Weekend 2018 Part of a group photo with my startup team, AfterPass Practising flight in Brussels, Belgium

Hej! Kia ora. Glad to meet you.

As you'll notice, my site is very simple. It's that way deliberately.

For professional things, find me on LinkedIn at /in/jamesvanderklip

I am a trainer and technical support analyst at Cryptopia, a secure and customer-centric crytocurrency exchange boasting over 590 tradepairs. Sign up here.

You can find me on Peepeth (a blockchain-powered social network), Github, and Twitter (mirrored from Peepeth).

If you'd like to get in touch with me privately, send me a connection request on LinkedIn. Alternatively I can be reached by email via hej at this domain.

— more coming soon —

Memento Mori - One of my favorite reminders.

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